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Armor invisibility

Armor invisibility Leather and chaimmail armor is now completely invisible and does not increase mob awareness when drinking a Potion of Invisibility, giving you a bit more protection while you ninja.

Automatic recipe unlock

Automatic recipe unlock All recipes will be unlocked when the player enters a world.

Auto Restock

Auto Restock Refills your hotbar from your inventory.

Bundle Sorting

Editable Signs Use the scrollwheel when hovering over a bundle to change the order of its contents.

New for 1.17!

Campfires no damage

Campfires no damage Campfires no longer damage mobs. By default, Soul Campfires still cause damage.

Editable Signs

Editable Signs Right-click on a sign with an empty hand to edit its text.

New for 1.17!

Extra Recipes

Extra Recipes This feature adds the following recipes without removing any vanilla recipes:

New for 1.17!

Feather Falling on crops

Feather Falling on crops A player wearing feather falling enchanted boots will not trample crops.

In addition, villagers will never trample crops by default.

Gentle potion particles

Gentle potion particles Potion effect particles are much less obtrusive by default. A configuration option is provided to remove them completely.

New for 1.17!

Grindable horse armor

Grindable horse armor Horse armor returns a single ingot or gem when used on the grindstone.

New for 1.17!

Hoe Harvesting

Hoe Harvesting Right-click with a hoe to quickly harvest and replant a fully-grown crop.

Inventory tidying

Inventory tidying A button to automatically stack and tidy inventories.

Lava bucket destroys items

Lava bucket destroys items Right-click on a lava bucket with an item or stack of items that you want to destroy.

New for 1.17!

Map Tooltips

Map Tooltips Show a map in the tooltip when hovering over a filled map.

More portal frames

More portal frames Crying obsidian can be used to construct nether portal frames.

Music improvements

Music improvements When a music disc plays in a jukebox, background music will be stopped and prevented from playing so that you don’t get two tracks playing at the same time.

Creative background music may now play in survival mode. In addition, the delay between ambient music tracks has been shortened.

Open Double Doors

Open Double Doors Double doors open automatically as long as they face the same way and have opposing hinges.

Villagers also open both doors automatically.

New for 1.17!

Path to Dirt

Path to Dirt Right-clicking on a grass path block with a hoe turns it back into dirt.

Portable Crafting

Portable Crafting If you have a crafting table in your inventory, you can open the 3x3 crafting grid with an inventory button or by pressing the V key (configurable in control settings) without having to place the crafting table down.

Remove potion glint

Remove potion glint Removes the enchanted glowing effect from potions, so you can actually see their true color.

Remove spyglass scope

Remove spyglass scope Removes the dark outer overlay when zooming in with the spyglass, giving you the full view.

New for 1.17!

Shulker Box tooltips

Shulker Box tooltips Hovering over a filled Shulker Box in the inventory shows a tooltip with the contents.

Stackable enchanted books

Stackable enchanted books Enchanted books of the same type can stack up to 16.

Stackable stews

Stackable stews Stews of the same type can stack up to 64.

By default, suspicious stews do not stack but may be configured to do so.

Stackable potions

Stackable potions Potions, water bottles, potion bases (mundane, awkward etc) and their splash/lingering varieties can stack up to 16, making them sortable and more convenient to carry around.

Storage labels

Storage labels Chests and barrels with custom names show their names as a hovering label when the player is sneaking. A name tag can also be added to a chest or barrel to set its custom name.

This feature also shows the capacities of Casks, Cooking pots and Storage crates if those features are enabled.

New for 1.17!

Use Totem of Undying from inventory

Use totem of Undying from inventory As long as a Totem of Undying is in your inventory (rather than specifically your main- or off-hand) it will be consumed to protect you from death.