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Biome Dungeons

Biome Dungeons Dungeon variations with different themes according to the biome.

New for 1.17!

Mineshaft improvements

Mineshaft improvements Adds more ores and items to vanilla mineshafts.

More village biomes

More village biomes Villages now have a chance to appear in the following biomes:

Villagers spawning in these extra biomes will use their correct biome texture, including the unused textures for Jungle and Swamp villagers.

Snow Storms

Snow Storms During a thunderstorm in a snowy biome, snow layers will increase over time.

Locations that snow is normally not able to be placed, such as next to a light source, will support snow layers being added for the duration of the storm.

Exposure to a snow storm without wearing leather armor will quickly cause the player to start freezing.