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Aerial Affinity Enchantment

Aerial Affinity Enchantment A boots enchantment that increases mining rate when not on the ground.

New for 1.17!

Anvil Improvements

Anvil Improvements Removes minimum and maximum XP costs on the anvil. No more “Too Expensive.”

Anvils are also 50% less likely to become damaged when used.

Collection Enchantment

Collection Enchantment A tool with the Collection enchantment adds block drops straight to your inventory. This enchantment may also be added to shears.

Decrease Repair Cost

Decrease Repair Cost Combine a tool or armor with an amethyst shard on an anvil to reduce its repair cost.

Extract Enchantments

Extract Enchantments Extract enchantments from any enchanted item into an empty book on a grindstone. The enchanted item will be destroyed in the process.

Credit to martenschaefer for partial use of the grind-enchantments code.