Charm is a Forge Mod for Minecraft 1.15, inspired by Quark, that adds to the vanilla experience of Minecraft without drastically changing its gameplay. Charm does not require Quark to be installed but is designed to play nicely with it and extend some of its features.

It’s a modular mod in that you can turn on or off any of the mod features via the config file.


Covalent is an accompanying mod for Charm. It provides Barrels, Crates and Bookshelf Chests in wood types from the following mods:

Download it from the Curseforge mod page.


Strange is an adventure and exploration expansion for Charm. It has a dedicated wiki here.


Charmonium is an accompanying mod for Charm. It provides ambient biome sounds, village sounds and underground sounds in mineshafts and Quark’s crystal caves.

The mod also provides some additional music tracks that play under certain situations. All additional music is available under a CC license at

Download it from the Curseforge mod page.

Charm for Minecraft 1.12

Charm for Minecraft 1.12 is no longer being actively maintained due to lack of time. Serious bugs will be worked on when time permits. Read the 1.12 documentation here.


You need to install the Java Edition of Minecraft and then the correct version of Forge for the version of Minecraft you want to play. Once you have done this, drop the Charm jar file in your mods folder and start the game.

After the game starts for the first time, you can edit the charm-common.toml file (in the config folder) to change things about Charm. Each of Charm’s features can be disabled or tweaked to fit your playstyle.


Thank you to everyone who contributed ideas and to all playtesters.

Very grateful to the following for their contributions to the project so far:

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