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Atlases Storage for maps that automatically updates the displayed map as you explore.

Bat in a Bucket

Bat in a bucket Right-click a bat with an empty bucket to capture it (if you can!) and get the Bat in a Bucket. Right-click to release the captured bat, causing the outline of all entities around you to be visible for a moment.


Bookcases A bookshelf that has 18 inventory slots for storing books. It provides the same enchanting power as a normal bookshelf and can be crafted from each of the 8 vanilla wood types.

The texture will change as books are added or removed.

Contents can be measured using a comparator, outputting a signal based on the number of filled slots rather than the quantity of items.


Casks Casks let you combine up to 64 potions, keeping an average of duration.

Use glass bottles to extract home brew from the cask.

New for 1.17!

Cooking Pots

Cooking Pots Cooking pots let you combine up to 64 food items, keeping an average of all hunger and saturation.

Use wooden bowls to extract stew from the pot.

A cooking pot must have a heat source underneath (e.g. fire, campfire, magma block) and be filled with water before items can be added to it.

New for 1.17!

Ender Bundles

Ender Bundles Ender bundles allow transfer of items to and from your ender chest.

New for 1.17!


Glowballs Combine a snowball with glowstone dust to get a glowball. You can throw it like a snowball and it will leave a little glowing blob where it impacts.


Kilns A functional block that speeds up cooking of clay, glass, bricks and terracotta.

Potion of Hogsbane

Potion of Hogsbane Causes all hoglins in the vicinity to run away from you.

Brewed using warped fungus with an awkward potion base.

New for 1.17!

Potion of Piercing Vision

Potion of Piercing Vision Gives you the Glowing effect, allowing other players to find you more easily. Make it into a splash or lingering potion to light up other mobs.

Brewed using a glow ink sac with an awkward potion base.

New for 1.17!

Potion of Spelunking

Potion of Spelunking Shows particles at ground level to help locate ores below you.

Brewed using an amethyst shard with an awkward potion base.

New for 1.17!


Quadrants A tool that rotates blocks. When held in offhand it locks block orientation when placing.

New for 1.17!

Raid Horns

Raid Horns A Raid Horn may be used to cancel a village raid that is in progress. When there is no raid in progress, blowing a raid horn will call a wandering pillager patrol group to spawn nearby.

The Raid Horn has a 5% chance to drop from a patrol leader.

Storage Crates

Storage Crates A Storage crate has the equivalent capacity of a double-chest for a single item or block type.

The crate visually shows the first 18 stacks added to it and can be rotated in all directions for decorative purposes.

New for 1.17!

Totem of Preserving

Totem of Preserving Items will be held in the Totem of Preserving if you die. The totem can be retrieved from your death position and opened at a convenient time.

Totems will never despawn, glow so you can spot them easily, and are immune to lava and fire.

New for 1.17!


Woodcutters The woodcutter is a functional block that adds more efficient recipes for crafting wooden items.