A mod for Minecraft by Sven Hjól

Adventure and exploration for vanilla Minecraft, inspired by Charm and Quark.
For Minecraft 1.15.2 with Forge.

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A staircase in the Vaults

The Vaults are sprawling underground structures found exclusively in the distant parts of the overworld - The Outerlands. Within vault chests you can find some of the rarest and most powerful loot that Strange has to offer.

Finding vaults

The location of vaults are a secret guarded by Illagers. By default, they can only be found underneath Stone Circles in The Outerlands. There is a 1/3 chance of a stone circle having vaults beneath. Dig beneath the circle to find the vault “starting” room.

Vaults "Entrance" room

What to expect

The structure contains a number of Illagers determined to protect it. These Illagers do not despawn once triggered. Illusioners and Evokers are present, supported by Pillagers and Vindicators.

A number of other monster spawners can be found in rooms and corridors. Remember, monsters in The Outerlands have health/strength/speed buffs, so monster spawners present a greater threat than normal.

Each vault structure is unique and may have many levels all the way down to bedrock. Some rooms connect to lower or higher levels via staircases or drops.

Vaults portal room

Treasure chests often contain a Totem, a special Enchanted or a Legendary Item. These chests are the only place to find these treasures1. Barrels and Crates should also be checked as there is a slight chance they will also contain totems. Don’t pass by the bookshelves! Any of the vault bookshelves might be a “bookshelf chest” and contain rare books and items too.

NOTE: A single vault structure is not guaranteed to contain all the rarest loot available. Search for another Stone Circle in the Outerlands to find another vault!

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1. The default configuration only allows these treasure items to spawn in vault chests, but you can change this in the mod’s config if you would like treasure items to appear in normal dungeon loot.