A mod for Minecraft by Sven Hjól

Adventure and exploration for vanilla Minecraft, inspired by Charm and Quark.
For Minecraft 1.15.2 with Forge.

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Collection of different runestones

Runestones allow you to travel vast distances across your world. They are found on top of Stone Circles in the overworld, with 26 possible rune glyphs to discover.

Runestone travel

Once you have found a runestone, throw an ender pearl at it. After a moment, you will be transported to a new location corresponding to the runestone’s destination. By default, runestones will transport to the following structures and locations:

When you travel through a runestone, you will “learn” the glyph and its destination1. Focusing the player’s view on any runestone with this glyph in future will tell you the type of destination that the stone will transport you to. Travelling through the same runestone again will always transport you to the same location it previously sent you to.


See also

Stone Circles, Rune Portals, Outerlands

1. Runestone blocks derive their destination co-ordinates from their own position in the world and will store this destination once a player travels through.