A vanilla+ Forge mod for Minecraft 1.14+

Decrease repair cost

Combine an item with its golden version on an anvil to reduce the original item’s repair cost.

Example: a diamond pickaxe has a repair cost of 7 requiring 7 levels of XP to add a diamond to increase its durability. Combine a golden pickaxe on the anvil to reduce its repair cost to 5. Combine another golden pickaxe to reduce it to 3.

No more “Too expensive”!

Dimensional Compasses

Combine a Bound Compass with an Eye of Ender on an anvil to allow the compass to always point to the same co-ordinates across dimensions. This respects the 1:8 spatial conversion of the Nether, helping you to precisely align Nether Portals.

The Compass Binding module must be enabled for this to work.

Extract Enchantments

Extract Enchantments Extract enchantments from any enchanted item into an empty book on an anvil. Enchantments at level 1 will be preserved, but enchantments higher than level 1 will be weakened by one level. The enchanted item will be destroyed in the process.

Pig Iron increases durability

Pig iron increases durability Pig iron nuggets can be combined on an anvil with a tool, weapon or armor to give a small durability boost regardless of the material the item is made from. Repairing tools with pig iron does not add to their repair cost.

The Nether Pig Iron module must be enabled for this to work.