A vanilla+ Forge mod for Minecraft 1.14+

Additional mobs in structures

Additional mobs in structures Adds configurable spawn weights for vanilla structures. By default, Husks will exclusively spawn within Desert Temples and Vindicators will respawn inside Mansions.

Chickens drop feathers

Chickens drop feathers Sometimes chickens drop a feather instead of laying an egg. After dropping a feather, the amount of time until another egg or feather drop is reduced by half.

Vegan friendly!

Emerald block opens trades

Emerald block opens trades Right click a villager while sneaking and holding a block of emerald to open all the villager’s closed trades and regenerate some of the villager’s health.

Endermite Powder

Endermite Powder Endermite Powder has a chance of being dropped from Endermites when killed by a player. Right-click while holding it in the End to help locate an End City.

Husk improvements

Husk improvements Husks can now spawn underground in their biomes and also have a chance to drop sand when killed.

Mobs affected by beacon

Mobs affected by beacon A beacon with the secondary effect of Regeneration will heal all tamed, friendly and neutral mobs in the area around it. With the secondary effect of Strength, all nearby monsters will receive Weakness.

Parrots perch on End Rods

Parrots perch on End Rods Parrots will perch on End Rods if there are is a horizontal facing rod nearby. Works nicely with the “Parrots stay on shoulder” module when dismounting a parrot using crouch.

Parrots stay on shoulder

Parrots stay on shoulder Parrots now stay on the player’s shoulder when jumping or falling. To remove a parrot, just crouch.

Parrots have configurable mimic delay

Parrots configurable mimic delay You can now configure the chance a parrot will mimic a nearby mob. By default, this is 4x less likely.

Remove Nitwits

Remove Nitwits Prevents nitwits from spawning as new villagers. It also converts any nitwits in freshly loaded chunks to unemployed villagers.

Tamed animals no damage

Tamed animals no damage Tamed animals no longer take direct damage from players. They still suffer secondary effects, such as potion effects from a tipped arrow.

If you are in Creative Mode, this feature is bypassed.

Witches drop luck

Witches drop luck A witch has a slight chance to drop a Potion of Luck when killed by a player.