A vanilla+ Forge mod for Minecraft 1.14+

Block of Ender Pearls

Block of Ender Pearls Craft a Block of Ender Pearls from 9 ender pearls. If a silverfish burrows into an Ender Pearl Block, it will turn into an Endermite. Eating a Chorus Fruit will teleport you to the nearest Ender Pearl Block rather than a random location. Both features are configurable.

Block of Rotten Flesh

Block of Rotten Flesh Craft 9 rotten flesh into a Block of Rotten Flesh for storage. When placed in the world, the block will turn to dirt when next to water. Placing a block under farmland will increase the speed at which planted crops grow.

Rotten Flesh blocks are also compostable by default.

Smooth Glowstone

Smooth Glowstone Smelt glowstone in a furnace to get smooth glowstone. It has a smoother texture and emits the same light level. Use a Silk Touch enchanted pickaxe to pickup the block again.