Charm 1.12

A vanilla+ Forge mod for Minecraft 1.12

Abandoned Crates

Abandoned Crates Abandoned Crates may be found underground. These crates are sealed so must be smashed to obtain the items inside.

Their loot tables spread over the entire range of available crate rarities. “Common” and villager-trade crates are the most common but occasionally you may discover “Uncommon”, “Valuable” or “Rare” crates. The rarer the crate the better the loot. Sometimes a rare crate may contain explosives or spawn a monster, in which case it is marked as “Dangerous”. Be careful when breaking them!

Only available if the Crate feature is enabled.

Bat in a Bucket

Bat in a Bucket Right-click a bat with an empty bucket to capture it (if you can!) and get the Bat in a Bucket.

Right-click the Bat in a Bucket to release the captured bat, causing the outline of all entities around you to be visible for a moment.

Charged Emeralds

Charged Emeralds If you are holding an emerald and are struck by lightning, the emerald will become charged and you will take no damage.

Right-click a Charged Emerald to throw it, creating a lightning strike at the point of impact. Charged emeralds can also be fired by a dispenser.

Holding a stack of emeralds while being struck by lightning charges more in one go. The default configuration allows up to 3 conversions per strike.

Endermite Powder

Endermite Powder Endermite Powder has a chance of being dropped from Endermites when killed by a player. Right-click while holding it in the End to help locate an End City.

End Portal Runes

End Portal Runes If the Quark mod is available and Colored Runes are enabled, you can use them in an End Portal. Set the same runes in two portals to connect them to each other, allowing for immediate travel between Strongholds. Here is a video demonstrating portal linking.

Sneak right-click while holding a rune to remove a rune from its frame. To change a rune in its frame, simply right-click it with another colored rune.

Eyes of Ender present in the End Portal will be removed when right-clicking with a rune (configurable).

An End Portal will link with the closest matching End Portal. Also, portals link when each side of the portal contains the same runes, regardless of the order.

Illusioners in Roofed Forests

Illusioners in Roofed Forests Illusioners are spell-casting illagers equipped with bows that create fake copies of themselves when attacked. This feature allows illusioners to spawn in Roofed Forest biomes.

If the Totem of Returning and Totem of Shielding features are available, an illusioner will drop either one when killed.

Illusioners will only spawn above sea level in Roofed Forests.


Moonstone Moonstone helps you locate a specific block co-ordinate or aid axis alignment. Right-click while sneaking to bind the Moonstone to a block. Aligning yourself to the block will cause the Moonstone to brighten, and standing on the block will cause the Moonstone to glow with an enchantment effect. This works across dimensions and respects the spatial compression / expansion of the Nether, helping you to align portals precisely between the Overworld and Nether.

If Quark is available, Moonstone’s enchantment glow will use Quark’s enchantment colors feature to match the dyed color of the item.

More Village Biomes

More Village Biomes Villages may generate in more biomes. The biome determines the type of materials that village buildings are constructed from.

The default configuration allows villages to spawn in the following biomes:

Nether gold deposits

Nether gold deposits Gold deposits appear in clusters in the Nether. They can be broken to obtain gold nuggets.

If the Nether gold ore mod is present, this feature will not be available.


Spectre Spectres spawn in the darkness at quite a low depth and are almost invisible. When they get in close contact with a player they apply a random curse to a weapon, tool or armor item and then disappear. They can be defeated simply by lighting up the area.

On death, spectres will convert sand below them to soulsand.

You can configure spectres to not curse player items; instead, weakness debuff will be applied.

Spectre Haunting

Spectre Haunting Spectres spawn in greater numbers within strongholds whilst still respecting the mobcap (configurable). This can help with farming soulsand and makes strongholds a bit more challenging.

Structure Maps

Structure Maps Cartographer villagers now sell maps to the following structures close to them:

Swamp Hut decorations

Swamp Hut decorations Swamp huts may generate with a filled cauldron, a chest of loot and a black cat.

Totem of Returning

Totem of Returning Right-click a block while holding the Totem of Returning to bind it to that location. The next time you use the totem, you will be returned to that location, destroying the totem in the process.

If the Extend Totem of Returning feature is enabled, the totem may be used more than once before it is destroyed. The totem’s tooltip will show you how many uses remain, as well as the XYZ co-ordinates of its bound location.

Totems of Returning occur naturally in Abandoned Mineshafts, Nether Fortresses and Woodland Mansions. If the Illusioners feature is enabled, there is a 50% chance that the illusioner will drop a Totem of Returning when killed by a player.

Totem of Shielding

Totem of Shielding Holding the Totem of Shielding in your offhand (shield) slot will direct all incoming damage to the totem until it is destroyed.

The default configuration gives the totem 100 hitpoints and absorbs 25% of any incoming damage. This totem will protect the player from a death blow, but unlike the Totem of Undying will not provide healing and regeneration effects upon its destruction.

Totems of Shielding occur naturally in Desert Temples, Jungle Temples and Woodland Mansions. If the Illusioners feature is enabled, there is a 50% chance that the illusioner will drop a Totem of Shielding when killed by the player.

Village decorations

Village decorations Improves village aesthetics with internal and external decorations.

Houses and huts are populated with functional and decorative blocks and additionally items corresponding to a villager profession.

The area inside the village boundary may generate with flowers, trees, crops, mobs and torches.

If the Quark mod is available and Quark’s Glass Item Frames are enabled anvils have a chance to spawn with metallic tools or armors on them.

Only vanilla village buildings are decorated - modded buildings such as those from Recurrent Complex are not affected.

Villager trades

Villager trades Adds some new trades to villagers to make them a bit more useful.

Vindicators in Roofed Forests

Vindicators in Roofed Forests Vindicators may be found wandering in Roofed Forest biomes at night.

Vindicators will only spawn above sea level in Roofed Forest biomes. The default configuration allows a small chance of a Vindicator spawning as Johnny.