Charm 1.12

A vanilla+ Forge mod for Minecraft 1.12

Beacons heal tamed animals

Beacons heal tamed animals Tamed animals will now heal as long as they are in range of a beacon providing a regeneration bonus.

Idea contributed by Katapan

Cactuses give water

Cactuses give water Right click a cactus with an empty glass bottle for a chance to fill the bottle with water. There is also a chance the cactus might break.

Cauldrons permanent water source

Cauldrons permanent water source Cauldrons act as a permanent water source for buckets and bottles when the player is sneaking.

Compass Binding

Compass Binding Right-click on an active beacon while sneaking with a compass to bind the compass to the beacon location.

If the beacon has been named on an anvil, the compass will use the beacon’s name.

If the Quark mod is available and Dyed Item Names feature enabled, the compass tooltip will take the beacon beam color. The tooltip will also show the XYZ co-ordinate of its bound location.

Hit a bound compass on the anvil with an iron ingot to turn it back into a normal compass.

Dispensers use any bow

Dispensers use any bow Changes the default dispenser recipe to allow damaged or enchanted bows.

Extra records

Extra records All in-game background music by C418 is available on records. These records are dropped by zombies that were killed by skeletons.

Furnaces recycle more

Furnaces recycle more Increase the amount of nuggets returned when smelting iron and gold items with respect to their recipe and durability.

By default, each ingot is worth three nuggets. The default configuration allows you to recycle other items that contain iron and gold in their recipes, such as iron doors, buckets and cauldrons.

Example: a fully repaired iron sword has two iron ingots in its recipe. Smelting it in a furnace yields six iron nuggets. A damaged iron sword with 50% durability yields three iron nuggets.

Gold Tool improvements

Gold Tool improvements Gold tools receive a durability and efficiency buff to bring them in line with their rarity.

All gold tool base modifiers are configurable.

Leather armor invisibility

Leather armor invisibility Leather armor is invisible and does not increase mob awareness when drinking a Potion of Invisibility, giving you a bit more protection while you ninja.

Pickaxes break pistons

Pickaxes break pistons Pickaxes are now the effective tool for breaking pistons and sticky pistons, rather than no effective tool.

Idea contributed by warlordwossman

Random animal textures

Random animal textures Wolves and cats may spawn with different textures. Wolves may be brown, grey or black. Cat textures are related to the cat type and use the textures from Minecraft 1.14.

Records stop background music

Records stop background music When a record is played in a jukebox, the in-game background music will be stopped and prevented from playing.

Remove nitwits

Remove nitwits Prevents nitwits from spawning as new villagers. This doesn’t remove existing nitwits from the game and only affects baby and cured villagers.

Restrict furnace input

Restrict furnace input Vanilla furnaces allow any item in its input slot, regardless of whether it can be smelted. This feature limits the input slot to allow only items that have a smelting recipe.

This allows you to use the furnace as a sorter, or recycle loot from mobfarms into nuggets without unstackable items blocking all your furnaces over time.

Sheared melons

Sheared melons Using shears to break a melon has a chance to drop all 9 pieces, like in bedrock edition.

Sponges reduce fall damage

Sponges reduce fall damage Landing on sponge absorbs some of the player’s fall damage.

Stackable enchanted books

Stackable enchanted books Enchanted books can stack up to 16 making them sortable.

Stackable milk buckets

Stackable milk buckets Milk buckets can stack up to 16, making it a bit less cumbersome to negate effects.

Stackable potions

Stackable potions Potions, water bottles, potion bases (mundane, awkward etc) and their splash/lingering varieties can stack up to 16 making them sortable and more convenient to carry around.

Tamed animals take no damage

Tamed animals take no damage Tamed animals no longer take direct damage from players. They still suffer secondary effects, such as burning from a Fire Aspect sword.

Use Totem of Undying from inventory

Use Totem of Undying from inventory As long as a Totem of Undying is in your inventory (rather than specifically your main- or off-hand) it will be consumed to protect you from death.

Water gives health in hot biomes

Water gives health in hot biomes Drink a bottle of water in any hot and dry biome to provide a regeneration boost.

Witches drop decay

Witches drop decay A witch has a chance to drop a Potion of Decay when killed by a player. Only available if the Decay feature is enabled.

Witches drop luck

Witches drop luck A witch has a chance to drop a Potion of Luck when killed by a player.

Witch Hat protection

Witch Hat protection Wearing a Witch’s Hat protects your items from being cursed when touched by a Spectre.

The Quark mod must be installed and the Spectre feature enabled for this to work.