Charm 1.12

A vanilla+ Forge mod for Minecraft 1.12

Decrease item repair cost

Decrease item repair cost Combine an item with its golden version on an anvil to reduce the original item’s repair cost.

Example: a diamond pickaxe has a repair cost of 7 requiring 7 levels of XP to add a diamond to increase its durability. Combine a golden pickaxe on the anvil to reduce its repair cost to 5. Combine another golden pickaxe to reduce it to 3.

Extend Totem of Returning

Extend Totem of Returning Combine a Totem of Returning with a clock on an anvil to increase the number of times it can be used.

This comes with an XP cost. This feature is only available if the Totem of Returning feature is enabled.

You can configure the anvil items and the number of uses they provide.

Extract XP from enchanted books

Extract XP from enchanted books Combine an enchanted book with empty glass bottles on an anvil to get Bottles o’ Enchanting. The more levels and enchantments the book has, the more bottles are returned.

The default configuration requires a minimum of 5 glass bottles for conversion.

Extract enchantments

Extract enchantments Extract enchantments from any enchanted item into an empty book on an anvil. The enchantments are weakened in the process and the original item is destroyed.

The default configuration weakens the enchantment level by 1, meaning enchantments of maximum level 1 can not be extracted.

Tallow increases durability

Tallow increases durability Tallow can be combined on an anvil with a tool, weapon or armor to give a small durability boost regardless of the material the item is made from.

The Quark mod must be installed and Tallow enabled for this to work.

Warning! Each time tallow is used to repair, there is a chance the item’s future repair cost will be increased. Since tallow only has a small durability boost, a complete repair of the item from low durability is not recommended, as it may become too expensive to add enchantments or combine with another item.