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Charm for Minecraft 1.12

Charm for Minecraft 1.12

Please note: Charm for Minecraft 1.12 is no longer actively developed apart from critical bug fixes.


Gunpowder Block

Gunpowder Block Craft a Gunpowder Block from 9 gunpowder. The block will obey gravity like sand and gravel, and if it touches lava, it will dissolve into air.

Idea contributed by warlordwossman

Redstone Sand

Redstone Sand Craft redstone around a sand block to create Redstone Sand. It falls like sand and emits a signal like a Redstone Block.

Idea contributed by warlordwossman

Variable Redstone Lamp

Variable Redstone Lamp Like the vanilla redstone lamp but emits a light level according to the strength of the input redstone signal.



Coffee Brew cocoa beans in water to make Coffee, which gives you Speed, Haste and Strength for a short time.


Decay A nasty potion that withers living things.

Decay cannot be brewed. If the Witches Drop Decay feature is enabled, decay potions may be collected this way.

All mobs affected by this potion will be given the Wither status effect.

Ender Sight

Ender Sight Brew an Eye of Ender with a Night Vision potion to make a Potion of Ender Sight. When you are under the effect of Ender Sight, Endermen may be attracted to your location, and you can ‘hear’ a stronghold when you face the correct direction.

Locating strongholds

The Ender Sight effect plays a sound when you face toward a distant stronghold when in the overworld. A different sound plays when you are very close to the structure itself.

In the default configuration the screen colours will be inverted - as if looking through the eyes of an Enderman.

Flavored Cake

Flavored Cake Right-click on a cake with a redstone extended potion to imbue it. Each slice of the cake will give you the potion effect when eaten. You may also use a dispenser to apply the potion to the cake.

The following extended potions are supported:

If the Quark mod is available and Quark’s Extra Potions are enabled these extended potions are supported additionally:

If Crabs are enabled the extended potion you can brew from Crab Shell Fragments is supported as well:

Flavored Cake can spawn naturally in villages if the Village Decorations feature is enabled.

Poisonous Potato Brew

Poisonous Potato Brew Allows Potion of Poison to be brewed from Poisonous potatoes in a Mundane Potion base.



Barrel A compact storage solution borrowed lovingly from Minecraft 1.14. Holds the same quantity of items as a single chest and its inventory can be accessed regardless of the location or orientation of the barrel. Barrel contents can be measured using a comparator, like a vanilla chest. They are also available in all vanilla wood variants.

If the Quark mod is available and Quark’s Chest Buttons and Chest Searching features are enabled, the barrel will make use of this functionality.

If the Inventory Tweaks mod is available, the barrel can be sorted and organised using buttons.

Bookshelf Chest

Bookshelf Chest A bookshelf that has 9 inventory slots for storing books. It provides the same enchanting power as a normal bookshelf as long as there is at least 1 slot occupied.

The texture will change as books are added or removed.

If the Quark mod is available and Quark’s Chest Buttons and Chest Searching features are enabled, the bookshelf chest will make use of this functionality.

If the Inventory Tweaks mod is available, the bookshelf chest can be sorted and organised using buttons.

The Bookshelf Chest’s contents can be measured using a comparator, outputting a signal based on the number of filled slots rather than the quantity of items.


Composter Adapted from the Minecraft 1.14 composter, the composter lets you recycle unneeded plant and food items to produce bonemeal. The composter outputs a comparator signal strength up to 8 depending on how full the composter is.

A hopper can be used to input items into the composter from any side or top, and another hopper can be used underneath to catch output items. The input and output items of the composter are configurable. If JEI is present, a tab shows the percentage chances of each compostable item.


Crate Offers a smaller storage solution than a chest or barrel with the benefit of being transportable making it an early game alternative to shulkerboxes.

Crates are also available in all vanilla wood variants. Crate contents can be measured using a comparator, like a vanilla chest. You can also see the crate’s contents as a tooltip if you hover over the crate in your inventory.

Add a name tag to the crate to see the crate’s name as a hover-over.

If the Quark mod is available and Quark’s Chest Buttons and Chest Searching features are enabled, the crate will make use of this functionality.

If the Inventory Tweaks mod is available, the crate can be sorted and organised using buttons.

Sealed crates

You may seal a crate with an iron ingot on an anvil - the only way to release items from a sealed crate is to break it open.

A sealed crate does not let you access its inventory and is not transportable even with silk touch. Warning! If the sealed crate contains at least 1 TNT block, it will be activated as soon as the crate is destroyed. If it contains spawn eggs, they will immediately hatch.

If the Abandoned Crates feature is enabled, sealed crates can be found scattered in caves fairly close to the surface.

Ender Pearl Block

Ender Pearl Block Craft an Ender Pearl Block from 9 ender pearls. If a silverfish burrows into an Ender Pearl Block, it will turn into an Endermite. Eating a Chorus Fruit will teleport you to the nearest Ender Pearl Block rather than a random location. Both features are configurable.

Idea contributed by Vortex Gator and warlordwossman


Lantern An elegant lighting solution borrowed lovingly from Minecraft 1.14.

An iron lantern is crafted with iron nuggets around a torch; a golden lantern is crafted with gold nuggets instead.

Lanterns may hang on a block or be placed on the ground. The default configuration allows lanterns to obey gravity, which may be handy for lighting up a cave or mine below you.

Rotten Flesh block

Rotten Flesh Block Craft 9 rotten flesh into a Rotten Flesh Block for storage. When placed in the world, the block will turn to dirt when next to water, and will convert any soil above it to podzol over time.

Idea contributed by warlordwossman and texture contributed by Sir Squidly

Smooth Glowstone

Rotten Flesh Block Smelt glowstone in a furnace to get smooth glowstone. It has a smoother texture and emits the same light level.

Suspicious Soup

Suspicious Soup Inspired by Minecraft 1.14’s ‘Suspicious Stew’, craft a beetroot soup recipe with a flower to make a suspicious soup. Certain flowers provide positive potion status effects that are different for each world seed.

Warning! These unstable concoctions might occasionally have negative side effects.

Suspicious soup is crafted in the same way as beetroot soup but with the bottom left and bottom right slots occupied by a specific flower type. You may also find a random soup from a chest in a village if the Village Decorations feature is enabled.


Curse Break

Curse Break Combine the Curse Break enchanted book with any cursed item on an anvil to remove the curse.

This enchanted book is not available via the enchantment table but can be found as a treasure enchantment or be obtained by trading with a librarian villager.

Extra Curses

Extra Curses Adds more potenial item enchantment curses to ruin your day.

These extra curses may occur naturally on treasure items or get added to an item if the Spectre feature is enabled and a player gets into close contact with at least one of them.

Beyond the default Minecraft curses, this feature adds the following:

Curses may be removed by using the Curse Break enchanted book, if enabled.


Homing Combine the Homing enchanted book with a hoe on an anvil to enable the hoe to help you locate ore. The hoe will be attracted to ore of the same ingots/gems that make up the head of the hoe.

By right-clicking on a block, you will hear a sound that rises in pitch as you get closer to the ore. Doing so will decrease the durability of the hoe.

This enchanted book is not available via the enchantment table and can only be found as a treasure enchantment. Currently, only hoes made of iron, gold or diamond may be enchanted with the Homing enchantment.


Magnetic A tool with the Magnetic enchantment adds block drops straight to your inventory. This enchantment may also be added to shears.


Salvage An item with the Salvage enchantment does not disappear when its durability is depleted, giving you a chance to get it repaired.

If the item runs out of durability the player will drop it and it must be picked up again. Watch out for lava.


Decrease item repair cost

Decrease item repair cost Combine an item with its golden version on an anvil to reduce the original item’s repair cost.

Example: a diamond pickaxe has a repair cost of 7 requiring 7 levels of XP to add a diamond to increase its durability. Combine a golden pickaxe on the anvil to reduce its repair cost to 5. Combine another golden pickaxe to reduce it to 3.

Extend Totem of Returning

Extend Totem of Returning Combine a Totem of Returning with a clock on an anvil to increase the number of times it can be used.

This comes with an XP cost. This feature is only available if the Totem of Returning feature is enabled.

You can configure the anvil items and the number of uses they provide.

Extract XP from enchanted books

Extract XP from enchanted books Combine an enchanted book with empty glass bottles on an anvil to get Bottles o’ Enchanting. The more levels and enchantments the book has, the more bottles are returned.

The default configuration requires a minimum of 5 glass bottles for conversion.

Extract enchantments

Extract enchantments Extract enchantments from any enchanted item into an empty book on an anvil. The enchantments are weakened in the process and the original item is destroyed.

The default configuration weakens the enchantment level by 1, meaning enchantments of maximum level 1 can not be extracted.

Tallow increases durability

Tallow increases durability Tallow can be combined on an anvil with a tool, weapon or armor to give a small durability boost regardless of the material the item is made from.

The Quark mod must be installed and Tallow enabled for this to work.

Warning! Each time tallow is used to repair, there is a chance the item’s future repair cost will be increased. Since tallow only has a small durability boost, a complete repair of the item from low durability is not recommend


Beacons heal tamed animals

Beacons heal tamed animals Tamed animals will now heal as long as they are in range of a beacon providing a regeneration bonus.

Idea contributed by Katapan

Cactuses give water

Cactuses give water Right click a cactus with an empty glass bottle for a chance to fill the bottle with water. There is also a chance the cactus might break.

Cauldrons permanent water source

Cauldrons permanent water source Cauldrons act as a permanent water source for buckets and bottles when the player is sneaking.

Compass Binding

Compass Binding Right-click on an active beacon while sneaking with a compass to bind the compass to the beacon location.

If the beacon has been named on an anvil, the compass will use the beacon’s name.

If the Quark mod is available and Dyed Item Names feature enabled, the compass tooltip will take the beacon beam color. The tooltip will also show the XYZ co-ordinate of its bound location.

Hit a bound compass on the anvil with an iron ingot to turn it back into a normal compass.

Dispensers use any bow

Dispensers use any bow Changes the default dispenser recipe to allow damaged or enchanted bows.

Extra records

Extra records All in-game background music by C418 is available on records. These records are dropped by zombies that were killed by skeletons.

Furnaces recycle more

Furnaces recycle more Increase the amount of nuggets returned when smelting iron and gold items with respect to their recipe and durability.

By default, each ingot is worth three nuggets. The default configuration allows you to recycle other items that contain iron and gold in their recipes, such as iron doors, buckets and cauldrons.

Example: a fully repaired iron sword has two iron ingots in its recipe. Smelting it in a furnace yields six iron nuggets. A damaged iron sword with 50% durability yields three iron nuggets.

Gold Tool improvements

Gold Tool improvements Gold tools receive a durability and efficiency buff to bring them in line with their rarity.

All gold tool base modifiers are configurable.

Leather armor invisibility

Leather armor invisibility Leather armor is invisible and does not increase mob awareness when drinking a Potion of Invisibility, giving you a bit more protection while you ninja.

Pickaxes break pistons

Pickaxes break pistons Pickaxes are now the effective tool for breaking pistons and sticky pistons, rather than no effective tool.

Idea contributed by warlordwossman

Random animal textures

Random animal textures Wolves and cats may spawn with different textures. Wolves may be brown, grey or black. Cat textures are related to the cat type and use the textures from Minecraft 1.14.

Records stop background music

Records stop background music When a record is played in a jukebox, the in-game background music will be stopped and prevented from playing.

Remove nitwits

Remove nitwits Prevents nitwits from spawning as new villagers. This doesn’t remove existing nitwits from the game and only affects baby and cured villagers.

Restrict furnace input

Restrict furnace input Vanilla furnaces allow any item in its input slot, regardless of whether it can be smelted. This feature limits the input slot to allow only items that have a smelting recipe.

This allows you to use the furnace as a sorter, or recycle loot from mobfarms into nuggets without unstackable items blocking all your furnaces over time.

Sheared melons

Sheared melons Using shears to break a melon has a chance to drop all 9 pieces, like in bedrock edition.

Sponges reduce fall damage

Sponges reduce fall damage Landing on sponge absorbs some of the player’s fall damage.

Stackable enchanted books

Stackable enchanted books Enchanted books can stack up to 16 making them sortable.

Stackable milk buckets

Stackable milk buckets Milk buckets can stack up to 16, making it a bit less cumbersome to negate effects.

Stackable potions

Stackable potions Potions, water bottles, potion bases (mundane, awkward etc) and their splash/lingering varieties can stack up to 16 making them sortable and more convenient to carry around.

Tamed animals take no damage

Tamed animals take no damage Tamed animals no longer take direct damage from players. They still suffer secondary effects, such as burning from a Fire Aspect sword.

Use Totem of Undying from inventory

Use Totem of Undying from inventory As long as a Totem of Undying is in your inventory (rather than specifically your main- or off-hand) it will be consumed to protect you from death.

Water gives health in hot biomes

Water gives health in hot biomes Drink a bottle of water in any hot and dry biome to provide a regeneration boost.

Witches drop decay

Witches drop decay A witch has a chance to drop a Potion of Decay when killed by a player. Only available if the Decay feature is enabled.

Witches drop luck

Witches drop luck A witch has a chance to drop a Potion of Luck when killed by a player.

Witch Hat protection

Witch Hat protection Wearing a Witch’s Hat protects your items from being cursed when touched by a Spectre.

The Quark mod must be installed and the Spectre feature enabled for this to work.


Abandoned Crates

Abandoned Crates Abandoned Crates may be found underground. These crates are sealed so must be smashed to obtain the items inside.

Their loot tables spread over the entire range of available crate rarities. “Common” and villager-trade crates are the most common but occasionally you may discover “Uncommon”, “Valuable” or “Rare” crates. The rarer the crate the better the loot. Sometimes a rare crate may contain explosives or spawn a monster, in which case it is marked as “Dangerous”. Be careful when breaking them!

Only available if the Crate feature is enabled.

Bat in a Bucket

Bat in a Bucket Right-click a bat with an empty bucket to capture it (if you can!) and get the Bat in a Bucket.

Right-click the Bat in a Bucket to release the captured bat, causing the outline of all entities around you to be visible for a moment.

Charged Emeralds

Charged Emeralds If you are holding an emerald and are struck by lightning, the emerald will become charged and you will take no damage.

Right-click a Charged Emerald to throw it, creating a lightning strike at the point of impact. Charged emeralds can also be fired by a dispenser.

Holding a stack of emeralds while being struck by lightning charges more in one go. The default configuration allows up to 3 conversions per strike.

Endermite Powder

Endermite Powder Endermite Powder has a chance of being dropped from Endermites when killed by a player. Right-click while holding it in the End to help locate an End City.

End Portal Runes

End Portal Runes If the Quark mod is available and Colored Runes are enabled, you can use them in an End Portal. Set the same runes in two portals to connect them to each other, allowing for immediate travel between Strongholds. Here is a video demonstrating portal linking.

Sneak right-click while holding a rune to remove a rune from its frame. To change a rune in its frame, simply right-click it with another colored rune.

Eyes of Ender present in the End Portal will be removed when right-clicking with a rune (configurable).

An End Portal will link with the closest matching End Portal. Also, portals link when each side of the portal contains the same runes, regardless of the order.

Illusioners in Roofed Forests

Illusioners in Roofed Forests Illusioners are spell-casting illagers equipped with bows that create fake copies of themselves when attacked. This feature allows illusioners to spawn in Roofed Forest biomes.

If the Totem of Returning and Totem of Shielding features are available, an illusioner will drop either one when killed.

Illusioners will only spawn above sea level in Roofed Forests.


Moonstone Moonstone helps you locate a specific block co-ordinate or aid axis alignment. Right-click while sneaking to bind the Moonstone to a block. Aligning yourself to the block will cause the Moonstone to brighten, and standing on the block will cause the Moonstone to glow with an enchantment effect. This works across dimensions and respects the spatial compression / expansion of the Nether, helping you to align portals precisely between the Overworld and Nether.

If Quark is available, Moonstone’s enchantment glow will use Quark’s enchantment colors feature to match the dyed color of the item.

More Village Biomes

More Village Biomes Villages may generate in more biomes. The biome determines the type of materials that village buildings are constructed from.

The default configuration allows villages to spawn in the following biomes:

Nether gold deposits

Nether gold deposits Gold deposits appear in clusters in the Nether. They can be broken to obtain gold nuggets.

If the Nether gold ore mod is present, this feature will not be available.


Spectre Spectres spawn in the darkness at quite a low depth and are almost invisible. When they get in close contact with a player they apply a random curse to a weapon, tool or armor item and then disappear. They can be defeated simply by lighting up the area.

On death, spectres will convert sand below them to soulsand.

You can configure spectres to not curse player items; instead, weakness debuff will be applied.

Spectre Haunting

Spectre Haunting Spectres spawn in greater numbers within strongholds whilst still respecting the mobcap (configurable). This can help with farming soulsand and makes strongholds a bit more challenging.

Structure Maps

Structure Maps Cartographer villagers now sell maps to the following structures close to them:

Swamp Hut decorations

Swamp Hut decorations Swamp huts may generate with a filled cauldron, a chest of loot and a black cat.

Totem of Returning

Totem of Returning Right-click a block while holding the Totem of Returning to bind it to that location. The next time you use the totem, you will be returned to that location, destroying the totem in the process.

If the Extend Totem of Returning feature is enabled, the totem may be used more than once before it is destroyed. The totem’s tooltip will show you how many uses remain, as well as the XYZ co-ordinates of its bound location.

Totems of Returning occur naturally in Abandoned Mineshafts, Nether Fortresses and Woodland Mansions. If the Illusioners feature is enabled, there is a 50% chance that the illusioner will drop a Totem of Returning when killed by a player.

Totem of Shielding

Totem of Shielding Holding the Totem of Shielding in your offhand (shield) slot will direct all incoming damage to the totem until it is destroyed.

The default configuration gives the totem 100 hitpoints and absorbs 25% of any incoming damage. This totem will protect the player from a death blow, but unlike the Totem of Undying will not provide healing and regeneration effects upon its destruction.

Totems of Shielding occur naturally in Desert Temples, Jungle Temples and Woodland Mansions. If the Illusioners feature is enabled, there is a 50% chance that the illusioner will drop a Totem of Shielding when killed by the player.

Village decorations

Village decorations Improves village aesthetics with internal and external decorations.

Houses and huts are populated with functional and decorative blocks and additionally items corresponding to a villager profession.

The area inside the village boundary may generate with flowers, trees, crops, mobs and torches.

If the Quark mod is available and Quark’s Glass Item Frames are enabled anvils have a chance to spawn with metallic tools or armors on them.

Only vanilla village buildings are decorated - modded buildings such as those from Recurrent Complex are not affected.

Villager trades

Villager trades Adds some new trades to villagers to make them a bit more useful.

Vindicators in Roofed Forests

Vindicators in Roofed Forests Vindicators may be found wandering in Roofed Forest biomes at night.

Vindicators will only spawn above sea level in Roofed Forest biomes. The default configuration allows a small chance of a Vindicator spawning as Johnny.